Exceptional Care

We are a full-care facility. At Foxcroft, your horses will receive the highest level of care and oversight, ensured by our Barn Management team and staff. Our roomy, 12’ x 12’ matted stalls are cleaned routinely throughout the day to ensure your horse’s comfort and health. Horses are turned out, groomed, and thoroughly checked each day.

Your horse’s care will be tailored to his or her unique needs: turnout requirements – whether singular or group, bell boots, fly masks and sheets – are all included so you won’t be hassled with extra fees. We can also tailor your horse’s feeding program as needed to accommodate any special needs. We believe in a customized approach, providing the highest level of care to ensure the ultimate success of horse and rider.

Our experienced team will also oversee your horse’s health needs, ensuring regular check-ups, maintenance, vaccinations and preventive health practices are routinely scheduled. For your peace of mind, our barn staff are located on-premise ensuring the safety of your equine partner 24/7.

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“I started riding at Foxcroft five years ago as a short stirrup pony kid.  Thanks to the fantastic guidance and direction at Foxcroft, I’m now a confident rider competing in the Equitation and Children’s Hunters with my awesome horse that head trainer Tim Sweat found for me!  I’m super grateful for everything the team here has done for me!”

Isabel C., boarder since 2012

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